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Science 7 Outcomes & Indicators
Life Science: Interactions within Ecosystems (IE)

Physical Science: Mixtures and Solutions (MS)

Physical Science: Heat and Temperature (HT)

Earth and Space Science: Earth’s Crust and Resources (EC)

Outcome: IE7.1

Relate key aspects of Indigenous knowledge to their understanding of ecosystems. [CP]

  1. Gather information about traditional Indigenous practices with respect to the relationships and connections between people and their ecological environment.

  2. Examine key aspects of Indigenous knowledge and First Nations and Métis people’s practices that contribute to understanding of ecosystems and the interactions of their components.

  3. Provide specific examples of Indigenous knowledge in understanding the components of their ecosystems.

  4. Describe the ways that traditional Indigenous knowledge about respect and responsibility for the land, self, and others has been transmitted over many years, including the oral tradition.

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