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Social Studies 7 Outcomes & Indicators
Interactions and Interdependence of Nations

Dynamic Relationships

Power and Authority

Resources and Wealth

Outcome: IN7.1

Investigate examples of conflict, cooperation, and interdependence between Canada and circumpolar and Pacific Rim countries.

  1. Examine the mission, goals, and structure of an organization whose mandate is national or international co-operation (e.g., United Nations, NORAD, NAFTA, APEC, Organization of American States, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Western Aboriginal Development Alliance).

  2. Critique the influence of an organization with a mandate for national or international co-operation in terms of its contributions toward conflict, cooperation, self-reliance, and interdependence.

  3. Diagnose reasons for a current or historical conflict involving Canada and a circumpolar or Pacific Rim country.

  4. Create an inventory illustrating the interdependence of Canada and circumpolar and Pacific Rim countries.

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